Squadron Resources will support a range of resources investments in various commodities.

Its interests are held through various structures, either by debt, equity or both and each investment is tailored to ensure assets receives the best form of financing to establish a clear path forward for that project.

Supporting the Australian natural resources industry

Our focus is on junior exploration and development companies with metals or energy projects in Australia. Squadron invests across all commodities including precious, base, bulk and energy minerals.

Down to the basics

Squadron’s focus on company fundamentals means the intrinsic value of any company or investment can be first identified and then assessed against industry-specific factors and macro-economic drivers.

Partners not passive investors

Every investment is also an investment in management teams and Squadron takes the opportunity to be an active investor to work with companies and find new and innovative solutions for its operations.

No horizons

Squadron does not limit an investment by time horizons like private equity firms who might exit after a few years. Every investment is viewed under a long-term light to ensure great businesses are always incubated and supported for as long as required.